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King's Clown 2 is Jeremy D Joyce a 22 year old from Missouri. Jeremy was married last year to Sharisa Hassell, of Fayettville, Arkansas.  Jeremy received the Holy Ghost when he was only 6 and has been in service for the Lord for 15 years. Bro. Joyce received his call into the ministry when he was 16. For 4 years he study with Lloyd Squires, The King's Clown 1. Bro. Joyce spends most of his time working with children. Along with full- time evangelism, he is also full-time Children's Pastor of Solid Rock Ministries in Fenton, MO, where he has served the children for over four years. Since answering the call of the Lord, Bro Joyce has seen over 1,800 children receive the Baptism of the HOLY GHOST.