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Lesson 1:  The Creation


Have you ever wondered why God created us? 

 Was He bored?  Was He just trying out some new superpowers? 

Why did God create us?  The answer is really sooooo simple!  He wanted us to love Him.  He had angels, but they couldn’t love Him.

 He had golden streets, but they couldn’t love Him?

 Have you ever been lonely, so lonely that you thought no one loved you? 

That was how God was feeling, so He decided to create something to love Him. 

Before He could make a creation that would love Him, He had to make a place for them to stay.  He created the planets


 and the stars.

 He created the sun and the moon and the stars

He created the rivers and the oceans.

 He created the bumblebees, butterflies, ponies, puppies and the kittens.

 And boys and girls, you want to know what is so cool, God just told all of these things to be created. 

He would say, “Let there be light..,” and the sun appeared just like that (Snap).  “Let the birds fill the sky,” and all of a sudden, birds started flying everywhere!  It was the coolest thing. 

God just had to speak, and all these things were created.

 But there was only one thing that God created with His hands, Man!

The Bible says that God reached down and played in the clay, and began forming Man.  After He had given Man arms and legs, eyes, and ears, He breathed into the clay, and it became a man, a man named Adam.

I know that it seems a little weird that God would create us from dirt, but we were the only creation that He made with His hands. He wanted to make sure that we looked like Him.  This is why we were created.  God wants you to know that you are so very special to Him that He created you to look like Him.  But most of all, God wants us to love Him.  He was lonely, so He created men, women, boys, and girls to love Him.  Do you Love Jesus?  Do you let Jesus know everyday that you love Him?  If we don’t, He may still be lonely.  When God made us, He wanted us to choose to love Him.  We can choose to love God most or to love our video games, toys, and other things more than God.  Have we made Jesus feel lonely?  I don’t want Him to be lonely because I want Him to know that I love Him more than anything!  Do you love Him more than anything?  Why don’t we show Jesus how much we love Him by telling Him everyday this week that we love Him and we are thankful that He created us!